I view the physical world as a series of maps rather than landscapes – in spatial rather than scenic terms.  Finding most natural environments too big, disorderly, and difficult to absorb, I long to experience each of them in a single moment, as if simultaneously from above and from within.  The surreal and exotic environments that entrance me - often desolate or filled with strange plants - come closest to my mental images when they involve islands, oases, craters, gorges, peninsulas, steep climatic gradients - features defined by sharp, often unexpected contrasts.  I wish I could compress and structure these places even further into clearly-demarcated, fully knowable entities that are complex and varied but completely under my control.  

Photomontage, oil paints and watercolors allow me to re-combine and re-imagine the real-life locales that I have found so inspirational and yet so frustratingly incomprehensible - to create the places that I wish they were.  I see these imaginary environments as wild and rugged on one hand, and delicate and vulnerable on the other: they maximize my feeling of omniscience in depicting the taming of what seems un-tameable.  This dichotomy also grows out of my distress at the fragility of the natural world, forbidding or not, in the face of today's escalating threats - and my wish to arouse similar feelings in the viewer that will inspire sensitivity and awareness.