split sand

  split sand 
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This work again depicts an island, with the wedge of land in the foreground and the beach in the upper left representing its narrow tip, split by a freshwater stream fed by some unknown source.  In the background is a salt pan, taking up perhaps three-fourths of the island's area.

The cacti - the only plants of any size - serve as a focal point for the island.  But as in Bleak Point, the spit of land they sit on is just as distinct as the cacti themselves, being the only "solid ground" on the island in this case. 

The Turks Head cacti, like in Bleak Point, were photographed in Guanica State Forest in Puerto Rico. The piece of desert beneath them, and the salt pan, were shot in Death Valley National Park, CA.  The beaches were photographed on Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles (more on this island in a later post).  For some reason I have a particular fascination with succulent desert vegetation on Caribbean Islands, maybe because it's somewhat unexpected - especially on otherwise wet islands where aridity results from geology (e.g. rocky or sandy soil) rather than a lack of rainfall.  I'd like still like to create a work depicting this type of environment.  (I do picture this island to exist in the Caribbean, but it is uniformly hot, bright, and almost completely barren.)