Dear viewers,

Thanks to everyone who has visited this site so far and sent me your comments.  I've decided to take things a step further and add my own running commentary, expanding on the concepts and places behind each of the images.  Up until now I've been avoiding this, in an effort to preserve the sense of mystery and ambiguity that I've been aiming for. But, given that one of my goals has been to spread awareness of the environments that have inspired me, I realize now that it's my responsibility to do more than leave everyone guessing as to where and what they are.

Granted, my entire philosophy behind the compositions has been to invent new places that I find even more powerful than the original landscapes.  But, real environments have always provided the initial inspiration, and their continued ability to do so (despite the dangers of over-visitation) does not benefit from obscurity.

My plan is to write an entry per week, focusing on one image (photography, painting or both). As far as what's happening with the actual artwork, my current efforts are still focused on converting selected photo-montages into oil paintings, and some experimentation with enlarging the photo-montages themselves.  Enjoy your virtual visits to some amazing (real) landscapes, and more imaginary ones as I continue to create them.