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oil painting-prickly pair-cacti-island-ocean
guanica-puerto rico-cacti-prickly pear-island-ocean

In painting this composition, one of my goals was to heighten the ominous quality of the elements - both the water and the sky - enveloping the island.  As I discussed in my Sept. 12 posting on the photo-montage version, when visiting the habitat of these cacti on the windswept southern coast of Guanica State Park in Puerto Rico I wished they had seemed even more exposed and vulnerable than they already were.  While digital manipulation of the photographs allowed me to physically isolate the cacti on a tiny island, there was a limited amount I could do to alter the feeling of a pleasant, sunny day on the seacoast.  I wanted the island to seem even more precarious - as if the plant roots were all that were keeping it from disintegrating from the forces of water and wind.