A former student of environmental studies and landscape architecture, I see my life experiences as part of a frustrated search for the ideal in the natural world.  Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and restless for the unfamiliar, I developed a fascination with natural phenomena from books and television - one that I expressed through painting and drawing. Yearly family vacations to Florida, and subsequent travel to Hawaii, the Galapagos, Costa Rica, East Africa and the western United States during my teenage and early college years, soon focused this interest on botany (particularly palms and succulents) alongside a fixation with volcanic cones.  The Galapagos and Hawaii experiences in particular - striking juxtapositions of wet and dry, complex volcanic topography, and oddly scale-less landscapes- drew me increasingly to small islands and other locales with dramatically diverse natural environments compressed into walkable, completely “knowable” scales.  This attraction developed into an obsession, to the point where actual places would rarely measure up to the images that had already developed in my head. 

I graduated from Stanford in 2000, where I studied Human Biology (focusing on environmental topics) and took courses in ecology, geology, botany, linguistics, photography, painting, and art history. This experience - including a semester abroad in Madagascar focusing on ecology and conservation, and an internship in Peru creating a guidebook on Amazonian palms - solidified the growing realization that my environmental interests, more driven by idealized versions of environments than the complexities of actual ecosystems and geological features, were more artistic than scientific. In 2004, I completed a three-year masters program in landscape architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, planning to build a career upon designing and constructing these ideal landscapes. The profession proved to be a relatively good fit.  But, I quickly learned that due to the practical requirements of professional practice, most of my visions could still only exist in the imagination - or as artwork.  Soon after graduation, my longing to realize these visions drew me to photomontage, which ultimately led to my explorations in oils and watercolors. 


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  2001-2004.                              
Master in Landscape Architecture, First Professional Degree program.  

Stanford University, Stanford, CA.  1996-2000.                                                                 
B.A. With Distinction in Human Biology; concentration in “Human and Biological Diversity.”

College Semester Abroad program, “Madagascar:  Ecology and Conservation.”  1998.
Offered by the School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT.


Mountain Seas, Flinders Island, Australia.  2017 (upcoming).

Gullkistan Center for Creativity, Laugarvatn, Iceland.  2017 (upcoming).


Ritual Coffee Roasters Art-in-Neighborhoods Exhibition.  San Francisco, CA.  2017.

Hotel Adagio Art-in-Neighborhoods Exhibition.  San Francisco, CA.  2017.

The Marker Hotel Art-in-Neighborhoods Exhibition.  San Francisco, CA.  2017.

SNAP! (Bay Area juried exhibition).  Arc Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA.  2017.

2nd Annual Landscapes (international juried online exhibition).  Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA.  2017. 

The Mosser Hotel Art-in-Neighborhoods Exhibition.  San Francisco, CA.  2016.-2017

Fusion (national juried exhibition).  Arc Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA.  2015.

Earth Compressions (solo exhibition).  Guren Art Gallery, The Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cleveland, OH.  2011.

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center (institutional collection).  Beachwood, OH.  Installed 2010.

74th National Midyear Show (national juried exhibition).  The Butler institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH.  2010.

Gateway to Imagination (national juried exhibition). The Farmington Museum, Farmington, NM.  2010.


Special Merit Award.  Seacoasts (international juried online exhibition).  Light Space & Time Online Gallery.  2016.

Special Merit Award. Open (international juried online exhibition).  Light Space & Time Online Gallery.  2016.

Special Merit Award. Nature (international juried online exhibition).  Light Space & Time Online Gallery.  2016.

Special Merit Award.  Landscapes (international juried online exhibition).  Light Space & Time Online Gallery.  2016.

Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University.  2000.


Associate and Senior Designer.  Terrain Studio, San Francisco, CA.  2014-2016.
•  Led design and production efforts for plazas, gardens, and parks from concept through design development. 
•  Collaborated with environmental engineers to restore degraded waterways and design riparian habitats. 
• Projects: Xing Yuan Lake New Town Parks and Waterways (Hanzhong, PRC); Nanjing Youth Olympic Park (Nanjing, PRC); Longfor Mixed-Use Retail Development (Chongqing, PRC).

Designer.  SWA Group, Sausalito, CA.  2010-2014
•  Led master planning of the 100-ha Envision Smart Energy Campus (Nanjing, PRC), a mixed-use campus focused on developing and showcasing innovations in renewable energy generation.
•  Researched and designed a restored rainforest for the 23-ha Shuangda Qixianling Rainforest Resort (Baoting, PRC). 
•  Other projects:  Ningbo Waterfront Master Plan, Ningbo Civic Plaza, Ningbo Eastern New Town Government Center (Ningbo, PRC).

Director of Design. Han Group Associates, New York, NY.  2009. 
•  Supervised design and production on an international design competition entry for the 2013 International Garden Expo in Suncheon, Korea.                           

Designer.  Martha Schwartz Partners, Cambridge, MA.  2007-2008; 2002 & 2003.
•  Took a leading role in the concept-level design and presentation of master plans and public parks in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Korea, and the UK, including design workshops with clients and architects. 

Designer.  SWA Group, Dallas, TX.  2004-2007.


Conference Paper, “Image of the Ecosystem: Planting, Identity and Environmental Consciousness.”                                                                                         The Death and Life of Social Factors: A Conference Reexamining Bahavior and Cultural Research in Environmental Design; UC Berkeley.  2011. 

Conference and Exhibition Case Study, Parque Nacional da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
Large Parks, New Perspectives; Harvard GSD.  Penny White Travel Grant.
•  Researched, diagrammed and illustrated ecological, cultural, sociological, and historical aspects of the world’s largest urban park and replanted tropical rainforest.
•  Photographed park landscapes, collected archival materials and interviewed park personnel. 
Guidebook, The Palms of Posada Amazonas and the Tambopata Research Center.  Peruvian Amazon.  2001. 
•  Created a guidebook for tourists at two eco-tourist lodges operated by Rainforest Expeditions. 
•  Researched, identified, sketched, and photographed palm species in the surrounding rainforest. 
•  Measured trees and sampled forest habitats to determine species distributions and abundances.
•  Interviewed members of the Native Community in Spanish on their uses of palms.